About us

Omega Computronix Group’s journey began in 1980, with a vision to create a world-class organization of complete Electronics, IT, Accessories, a wide range of high technology products, systems and equipment across a cross-section of industries. Omega Computronix is an Importers & Exporters and today one of the Leading IT Resellers in South India for various reputed brands like Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Seagate, WD, Intel.

Omega Computronix has strong design and development skills and is a dependable player with excellent technological capabilities and a long-term commitment to the Electronics &  IT Industry. Its products are known for reliability and conform to the latest relevant quality standards. The group has excellent relationships with suppliers of key components and the ability to promote the new products.

Omega Computronix encompass highly qualified and experienced professionals for designing and implementing complex and advanced IT Infrastructure Projects. With our unbeatable history of executing successful projects, Omega Computronix provides predictable cost and time, mitigates technology risk and resource usage and builds partnerships with satisfied and loyal clients.